We Practice Mindfulness

Being mindful starts in the brain, which is why we are so passionate about helping the survivors and thrivers of brain injury. We practice this ourselves by understanding we’re all human and we all fall, but together we help one another rise.

Two Percent For TBI

Currently, we give 2% of Ticamide’s sales to the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey. When we say “sales”, we’re talking about what accountants call 'net sales'. That means 2% of every purchase of Ticamide product, online or wholesale, goes to the organization. There is no cap to the amount of money we can give to support brain injury.

Create Change

Because we believe there are more ways to give than just monetarily, we put a significant amount of time into helping support this cause with our actions as well. We founded #AMELONADAY in 2014 as a way of creatively generating awareness for brain injury worldwide.

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